Accounting & Bookkeeping

 Profectus Business Consulting provides hands-on expertise to help clients with all functions of capturing, recording and reporting financial transactions, income tax planning and reporting, sales tax reporting, and staff payroll-related reporting.  

How Well Do you Know Your Numbers?

Profectus Business consulting will assist you with the day-to-day functions associated with good record keeping for your business that include:

  • Computerized bookkeeping services provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis - as determined with you our client.
  • We design and implement accounting system that is customized to your business needs
  • We Provide relevant and timely financial reports that help you in making good financial decisions
  • We provided assistance in designing and implementing strategies for business success.


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Payroll Processing & Remittances


Do You Need Payroll Expertise?

Depending on the size of the organization, number of employees and payroll frequency the client requires, Profectus Business Consulting offers payroll services tailored for your particular needs. We offer all inclusive payroll support including:

  • Producing payroll cheques for employees
  • Maintaining employee payroll records in the general ledger
  • Assisting with remittance reports and reconciliation with CRA
  • Producing Records of Employment as needed
  • Producing Year-end T4s to employees and CRA

Profectus provides support with sourcing a competent third-party payroll service provider if it is determined to be more efficient to outsource the payroll function.


Do You Need Help with Preparing or Reviewing Financial Statements?

Profectus Business Consulting can assist with:

  • Preparing financial statements at your desired frequency
  • We ensure that the financial statements addresses your organization's unique reporting requirements as well as ensure that the statements provide you with meaningful information to guide your decision making 

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