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Profectus Business Consulting specializes in providing practical finance and administrative support to the non-profit sector. The suite of services it provides are carefully tailored to respond to the needs experienced in the industry. Non-profits operate with challenging administrative burdens that include limited financial resources to adequately support program delivery. Most of the funding it receives is restricted to programming and program delivery yet, to deliver those programs effectively, the organizations need effective and efficient administrative infrastructures to support the core programs. The finance and admin support services provided to non-profit organizations through Profectus is tailored to provide non-Profit organizations with professional expertise without the payroll burden. 

Whether you are a small or larger organization, Profectus will provide you with one-on-one, hands-on support in finance and administration and, help you develop in-house capacity by providing one-on-one training to your internal staff in all areas requiring additional skills enhancement. If you decide that your organization is too small for your own in-house finance professional(s) and you want to outsource the finance and administrative functions outright which frees up your resources to focus more on managing your core programming and making better use of your recruitment dollars, Profectus is well equipped with the right experience and skills to handle your Support Services need.

Profectus or Kate Henry has been providing management and project consulting services within the non-profit sector since 2001. We have available resources, tools and templates we have developed over the years to help your non-profit organization in becoming financially and administrative stronger. 

Our suite of services include:

Ongoing Finance & Admin Support Services

  • Monthly bookkeeping,
  • Financial reporting, 
  • Payroll Management
  • Other office administrative Support 
  • Financial Reporting to Granting Agencies
  • Forecast and Variance Reporting
  • Year-end  Reconciliation and Working Paper Support
  • Annual Audit Coordination and Support
  • GST Rebate Filing
  • Charities Return Preparation
  • Financial Reporting to Alberta Gaming

 Management Consulting

  • Accounting system design and implementation
  • Business and Strategic Planning Support
  • Internal Control Systems Design
  • Business Process Evaluation
  • Finance and Admin Policy Documenting
  • Annual Budget Support 
  • Year-end Management and Audit Support
  • Canada Revenue Agency Compliance Reporting & Management
  • Internal Capacity Building through staff skills training in Finance, Admin and Systems.
  • Serving as Interim Head during staff transition

 Training and Capacity Building

As Executive Directors and Finance Professionals in the Non-Profit Sector, we have all attended a few seminars and workshops promising to help us understand and navigate through the management or organizational trends and issues. How many times have you come out of those seminars and workshop feeling that you got nothing out the sessions and still in need of meaningful, resourceful, practical help or training to get you going faster? The seminars and workshops have been overly general, short and fast-paced that made them useless for implementation or for improving knowledge on any subject matter.

Through Kate Henry’s practice experience working within the sector in various capacities for several years, coupled with her professional training in accounting and business education, Profectus Business Consulting is very good at identifying real issues and skills gaps facing non-profit organizations and provides methodical, in-depth half-day or full-day workshops and seminars that address the skills gaps. Whether you are the Executive Director, the Finance personnel or the Office Administrator, you will find the workshop contents meaningful and readily applicable to your functions because it is taught by someone who has been practicing, working and walking the talk for several years and, shares what she has learned from the experience through real-life, from the field examples not text book examples. Text book examples will be shared for the “why it is done this way” context and the real-life, from the field examples will help you to relate and immediately apply the learning to your own specific environment. Profectus workshops and seminars are designed to give you with the practical know-how of:

  • How to design your accounting system & the Chart of Accounts specifically for your organization’s unique needs
  • How to design different granting and donor agency’s financial reports specific to agreed contracts
  • Understanding the use and functions of different financial statements and Presentations
  • Understanding and presenting financial reports & budgets on Grant Applications
  • How to set-up tools and templates for financial monitoring and resource allocation
  • How to design Program financial reports to address Grantor & Donor report requirements
  • How to Establish and Draft Finance and Admin Policy and Procedures
  • How to design and implement Segregation of Duties within the Finance Function
  • Preparing and filing Charities Returns and Alberta Gaming reports
  • How to organize your Finance and Admin functions for better efficiency


Profectus workshops are timed to match critical timelines within the sector to enable participants to relate and quickly apply the knowledge gained from the training to their work more readily. Our training environment is flexible. We can organize and coordinate the workshop at our location or we come to your office to provide tailored training that is unique to you based on your specific request. Generally scheduled workshop events will be posted on the website. For specific training requests, please contact us through phone (403) 375 – 9900 or email us using the Contact Us button on the Home Page.

If you need more information about each of the service areas identified above or if you need to discuss your organization’s own specific needs with someone with the right hands-on professional expertise to help, why don’t you take advantage of our free 1.0 hour consultation and give us a call today at (403) 375 – 9900 or email us Contact Us button on the Home Page.


Profile of the President & CEO


Kate Henry is the President and CEO of Profectus Business Consulting Inc. Kate has several years of work experience in finance and administration within the Non-Profit sector. Kate joined the Non-profit sector in 1997 as Manager of Support Services. 

As the Senior Financial Officer or the Director of Finance and Administration for mid to large-sized non-profit or government organizations, Kate provides functional oversight to the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Information Technology and general Office Administration.

As an independent Business consultant to the sector, Kate’s first-hand practical work experience as a member of senior leadership teams has provided Kate with vast array of tools and expertise to provide well-tested practical and professional services.

In addition to her many years of working as an employee in senior leadership roles in the sector, and as an independent management consultant in the sector, Kate also teaches for colleges and universities in Calgary and area through in-class and online Continuing Education courses in Entrepreneurship and Financial Accounting.

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